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17 Jan2011
J786 – Rock Tonight Official Music Video Coming soon: Dance/Club music video of “Outta Control”. don’t forget to donate whatever you can to the FreeClinics.US . J786 is donating his 100% of any and all earnings from his music to the Free Clinics. Please be generous and download one or more songs from for [...]
10 Sep2010


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Welcome SICKSERs, This will be the home of j786. We will update this site with the latest news about our music, so keep posted! So far have released a total of 9 songs: 1. Cellaphone 2. Working Hard 3. Rock Tonight 4. I Like You 5. Free 6. Catch My Breath 7. Dangerous 8. Outta [...]
05 Sep2010


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Releases Rock Tonight I Like You Cellaphone Working Hard Free J786 on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes 1. Working Hard: 2. Rock Tonight: 3. Cellaphone: 4. I Like You: 5. I Wanna Be Free:
12 Jul2010
Rock Tonight – New Release! Feast on the latest sizzlin’ hot track we are releasing called Rock Tonight. J786 – Rock Tonight: $0.99
12 Jul2010
Ready for Lift-off j786: An artist like none other, producing electronic/pop music like you’ve never heard. j786 is an artist unlike any artist in the music industry at the present or in the past, who could claim their entire purpose of making music is to serve one and only one cause: for charity. He has agreed to get [...]
23 Mar2010


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17 Mar2010
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09 Mar2010
08 Mar2010
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04 Mar2010
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