is an American singer-songwriter, performer, philanthropist and an aspiring writer. J786 is signed to IAG Entertainment’s Starbug Records, a Los Angeles based new Record Label active in scouting and developing gifted talent. The Pop-Electronica inspired artist is currently working on his first mystery debut album which is tentatively scheduled to be released Summer 2010. J786’s style is a blend of genres including: electronic, pop, dance and techno with strong emphasis on heartfelt melodies and meaningful lyrics and strong beats. His identity remains unknown as he does not wish to seek fame and notoriety through music rather raise money for the causes he believes in to help those Americans who cannot afford medical treatments and the expensive medical insurance. He wishes to join Free Medical Clinics network lately sponsored by MSNBC’s Keith Olberman and others with him.

J786 started writing and singing songs that are considered highly commercial just to make sure that he can maximize the commercial potential so he can raise enough money for the American Medical Fund. Breaking away from his rock, blues and folks style music that he did in the past, he has embraced music with an open and unbiased mind and started to write and record pop, dance, techno and crossover genres of music. His song such as “Working hard like a fool” or “I wanna be free free free free” to “Catch my breath” and “Rock tonight” show his diversity of crossing styles and genres of music yet filled with heart-felt melodies and unforgettable haunting lyrics with choruses that stays in listener’s mind for they can’t stop humming all day long.

J786 has intentionally started to write music that transcends all genres, ages and styles. His music is called pop, dance, techno, and adult contemporary to classic rock-like. The reason for such diversity of familiar sounds that J786 and his singing and writing partner Raatree makes is, their roots in the early rock and pop music.

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