10 Sep2010


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Welcome SICKSERs, This will be the home of j786. We will update this site with the latest news about our music, so keep posted! So far have released a total of 9 songs:
  • 1. Cellaphone
  • 2. Working Hard
  • 3. Rock Tonight
  • 4. I Like You
  • 5. Free
  • 6. Catch My Breath
  • 7. Dangerous
  • 8. Outta Control
  • 9. It’s Me

We are currently working with some of the best DJ’s to mix ‘Rock Tonight’ for both club and radio mix. Once we release this into the wild, don’t be surprised if you start hearing it on the radio or at your local club.

Connect with us via
Twitter at http://twitter.com/j_786 and
Facebook at facebook.com/j786music

Rock On,

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